Friday, June 25, 2010

DIY Photobooth

Most brides aren’t usually into following trends and want something out-of-the-box at their weddings, but having a photobooth at your wedding is definitely an exception. They are becoming extremely popular for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events because they provide the guests with entertainment and the host with fun memories.

If you are thinking of having a photobooth at your wedding, there are a couple of elements that you can include to make yours the best it can be. Choose a background that suites your personality as a couple. This could simply be a white sheet set up by a stand, or a colorful background or painted wall. Having the guests stand against the backdrop will add personality to the pictures.

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Another element to think about when making your own photobooth is lighting. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then keeping the photobooth outside is the perfect solution! Natural lighting is great and doesn’t cost anything. Another option is to have your photographer take the pictures for your photobooth and they can set up their own lighting.

Source: The Wed Hub

You can also add props to your photobooth to make them more fun. When you get the pictures back they will be full of your friends and family being silly with the props you left them. In my opinion adding chalk and a chalkboard or a dry erase board is a great way for your guests to leave you fun messages and entertain themselves. You can also add masks, wigs and costumes.

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Another option you can choose to do is rent a photobooth instead of making it yourself. This is good because your guests can get the prints automatically, but this option is also more expensive. HubPages has a ton of information on renting photobooths.

Whether you are planning on renting a photobooth or making it yourself, it will definitely be a hit among your guests and a way to show off your personality as newlyweds. We would love to hear about your DIY photobooth experiences!

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