Monday, July 12, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday :: Farewell Edition

Today is my last day as a part of Tuesday Shoesday. From now on, it will be sporadic and occasional. Doing Tuesday Shoesday has definitely helped me fall in love with shoes a little more each week, but writing the post isn't as much fun as it ought to be if I'm going to do it with such regularity. So, I'll leave you with these favorites of mine and send you in the direction of all the lovelies who are more faithful to posting and will offer endless shoe-inspiration for those gals out there looking for it!

Thanks for letting me join the fun, lovelies! Jenn

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday :: Work and Play

So, I'm with The Stylish Planner, Jeannine Kennedy. I absolutely think the wedding day ought to bring out your best in black. It's all the other events as a wedding planner that you should showcase your sense of style and impeccable eye in brighter colors and bolder patterns. Truthfully, I'm not sure I've been doing that I've been looking into some shoes that will help complete both looks, the work and the other work...we'll call it play. Because, personally, it feels more like play than work sometimes to get to be a part of the creative and professional process of creating a wedding, doesn't it?

These are my favorite Cole Haan's with concealed Nike Air Technology. And, it's not just wedding planners that recommend them, oh no! My mother-in-law (who is a pediatrician) also swears by them. In fact, I've heard teachers who'll wear them daily in the classroom, too.
So, what's the play counterpart to this shoe? These Ralph Lauren beauties, I'm sure are the evil *ahem* playful match. It looks like duipioni silk and that's enough to make me drool.
hope you all have happy toes today!
love, Jenn


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