Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday :: The Glitter Edition

Tuesday Shoesdays roll around with incredible regularity and with them inspiration from some of the chicest bloggers around. Thank goodness. A few weekends ago I tried on my first pair of Christian Louboutin's. These glittered goddesses come in blues, pink, gold, silver, and several other hues. These seriously wanted to make me cry. Both, because they were almost more beauty than I could handle and because my feet are unaccustomed to a heel of that height. Serious ouch. I have nothing but admiration for the women who rock these down the aisle. I simply could not. But, I love sparkle and I love the variety of colors available to work for any bride.

Don't you just want to put a pair of these glitter pumps on your feet and dance, dance, dance? If you're worried about being gracefully impaired *ahem* like I am, then don't despair. There are other options that will make your toes tingle, while still allowing blood flow.

Yes, there is an opposite extreme to both the pricetag and over-all look of the Louboutin. Meet Tom. Or, more accurately, TOMS glitters in silver and gold.

And, for those who haven't heard of TOMS, you're missing out. They're comfortable, well-made shoes and they're made by an awesome company.

And, though these aren't glitters, I think these images from Rebecca Cash of Captivating Photography illustrate my point. TOMS are cute for weddings, too. Perfect, even, for the right bridal party. And, in these babies you can dance all night long.

Or, if you're not convinced they're fancy enough for you, you can work them into your engagements, like JT and Liz did with Sarah Hess of Fleeting Moments Studio.

Happy Tuesday Shoesday, everyone! For more inspiring soles, check out these lovely ladies Simply & Forever, Landlocked Bride, Gweneth Paige, Swatchbook Weddings, Meant to Be Sent, Weddings & Pretty Things, Life if the Super Burbs and Slice of Lime. Have we left anyone out who's just joined us? Let us know!


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landlocked bride said...

I'm totes swooning over those turquoise Loubs. Wow!


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