Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday :: Dance All Night

Grant and I started dancing lessons last week. Flat soles required for slipping and sliding in time. Suede recommended. Made me wonder how many of the shoes I've been considering for our wedding would be just as pretty as they are fun to dance in. Most of them = pretty, but not great for dancing. The rest of them = great for dancing, but mostly ugly. So, here are a few I've found that get great marks for both! Would love to hear from anyone who has a pair to recommend!

Here's a little something for the traditional bride in white.

I'm loving this pair from Martinez Valero. I'd dance with Lexie all night long!

Or, for something perfect for the moody, mother-in-law or matron of honor, how about this black pair from Beverly Feldman. Fanciful, indeed! Love the lower heel and the ever-sexy silhouette.
The list of lovelies who showcase shoes each week in honor of Tuesday Shoesday just keeps growing and growing.

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1 comment:

landlocked bride said...

Those white shoes are actually quite chic! I'm not a huge fan of white shoes for brides, but I really like these!


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