Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday :: The Inaugural Edition

I'm not a shoe person. I love shoes, don't get me wrong. I like shoes that are cute and comfy or shoes that are pretty enough it doesn't matter that they're not comfy! But, I've never been one to drool over shoes as I passed them in department shoes or spend hours and hours searching for the perfect pair online. And, truthfully, I've never had a picture in my head of the pair I want to walk down the aisle in. But, when I started reading interior design blogs a few years ago, it quickly turned into wedding blogs, too. And, that's when it happened. I fell in love with shoes.

So, for my inaugural Tuesday Shoesday post, I'd like to recognize the pair that I remember first leading me to hunt them down and making me realize I needed to find something fabulous for my own wedding day. Of course, this was several years ago. And, I still haven't found the right pair for our August nuptuals. I'm still looking...

Meet Jojous. She's from Nine West. Lots of ladies have worn her down the aisle. That's a pretty good résumé, don't you think?

There are several other fabulous ladies out there who have inspired me to join the Tuesday Shoesday ranks with their fabulous weekly picks and inspiration. Thanks to the Tuesday Shoesday solemates, Simply & Forever, Landlocked Bride, Gweneth Paige, Swatchbook Weddings, Meant to Be Sent, Weddings & Pretty Things, Life if the Super Burbs and Slice of Lime. Thanks for letting us join in on the fun! We'll see you again next week!

Send us your favorite picks or shots from wedding shoes you love! Can't wait to see all the other picks out there this week!


cloverstl said...

I'm still on the hunt for great shoes for a certain fun August date! The green color of these is amazing, one of my favorite colors!

Dognbird said...

Super cute!

Swatchbook Weddings said...

LOVE the green! I'm glad you are joining in - great pick!!

landlocked bride said...

I really like that shade of green. It's not super lime green, but it's not pastel either!

andreajoyce said...

Took me a while to get over here, but I ADORE THESE!!!!! That color is fabulous. Just brilliant.


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