Thursday, May 13, 2010

Say hello to my team!

Ladies and gents, say hello to my interns, won't you? These three will be working with me to provide fresh and interesting content on the blog, help me plan and coordinate weddings, and help me get this business into its next phase. Get excited, Lauren Kelly Events just keeps getting better.
So, let's get to it, shall we?
Jennifer Giles
So, Jenn. Can we call you “Jenn?”
Yes, Jenn is fine. But, not “Jenny,” please not Jenny . It just isn’t me, but there needs to be something to break up the monotony in the sea of Jennifer’s, doesn’t there? Top 5 names for girls from 1968-1988? 20 years is long enough to rule the roost…
What brings you to the Lauren Kelly Events team?
I believe weddings are important events that should be focused on the couple making vows to one another who have friends and family that will help them keep their vows, whether those people are present at the ceremony or not. But, I also believe that a wedding should be fun for everyone involved, since it’s one of very few times most people have all their loved ones around them at once. So, show ‘em what your lives are like and make it fun! Having a wedding planner or coordinator can go a long way to help an event like that happen and I want to be that wedding planner!
What lights your fire?
White t-shirts, of course. But seriously, I love a good blank slate to get my creative juices flowing. And, a white shirt is that blank slate for me more often than it probably ought to be. White plates on my table do the same thing, they let the beautiful food be what you notice. But, besides good food and a cool white t-shirt, I LOVE to travel. Everything from weekend road-trips to trans-continental treks with multiple forms of transportation are on my wish-list and it’s where my fiancĂ© like to put our energy and free-time. And, we love to travel with family and friends as much as we like to travel alone, though it’s a completely different experience.
Did your love for adventure come from living so many places?
Well I like to say that I am part gypsy. My Grandma Audrey has just as many ants in her pants as I do and needs very little excuse to hop in the car. We’re two of a kind. But, I have lived in 9 cities, 4 states, 3 countries, and in 10 homes. Once you know you can make a home in so many places you start to wonder why not go somewhere instead of asking yourself why. But, Grant is a roots man and I’m all about the wings, so we’re a great blend in that way. And, traveling has taught me other very helpful things, too. For example, haggis isn’t that bad when you’re eating it with ‘neeps and tatties and a really good gravy. Who’d have known?
Do you have a motto? or some words you live by, perhaps?
I’m a “words person” and when people know how to string the right words together in the right order, I melt in my shoes. When I’m trying to design a home for myself or someone else, I always think about William Morris’s thoughts about having nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
I’ve spent most of the last 7 years studying Religion and anyone who is immersed in that world is bound to come across some real beauty. But, faith affects people so differently, so I try to remind myself of Olivier Clement’s words, “Spiritual work has no value if it does not help to deepen humility as the capacity for love. Spiritual progress has no other test in the end, not any better expression than our ability to love.” This is a great reminder for couples starting out, many of whom may not consider themselves “religious” or spiritual,” but get into their marriage and find they need something more than themselves to keep their relationship strong and growing. It’s especially key if one partner is exploring that more than the other and finds them self trying to communicate what they’re experiencing to their partner.
What song could be your soundtrack?
“Clumsy” by Fergie. At least the part about “trippin’, stumblin’, flippin’, fumblin.’” I am not coordinated and neither are my limbs. It’s really too bad, I bruise like the Georgia peach I am!

Lindsey Tigert
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m from a small town in East Texas. I have a loving family who is always supportive and compassionate. I am always interested in trying new things. I hope to be successful in my life by helping and loving others frequently and laughing often.
What is your favorite color?
I actually have two favorite colors: bright yellow and dark purple. Both fit my personality, I’m really animated and adventurous.
Who inspires you?
My mom is the person who inspires me the most. She is the most supportive person I know, and she has a wonderfully kind spirit. Such a great woman to grow up watching!
What gets you excited?
I am fueled by my love for my family, faith and my enthusiasm for getting to know people. You will hear me talk a lot about my family because they truly are the people who mean to most to me. My faith is at the center of everything I do and my relationships with others are because of my God-given passion. I love meeting and learning more about people.
Spill the beans, What are some quirks? Embarrassing moments?
I tend to be very clumsy at times, but I’m used to tripping and falling, so I don’t get embarrassed easily because I’ve learned to laugh at myself.
What are you most excited about this summer?
This is definitely a dream job for me, so I am ready to learn as much as I can about the wedding industry and get to know the lovely girls I will be working with. Weddings are one of the most important days in many people’s lives. I want to help people’s weddings showcase their personalities and the things that are most important to them. This is one of the ways I feel called to care for others.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to be around people, so hanging out with my friends and family is usually what I do in my time off. I also love to read and music is a big part of my life. My favorite author right now is Donald Miller, and as far as music goes I’m really interested in music like Joshua Radin and Regina Spektor. I am a huge animal lover, I have 5 dogs and 3 cats at home. I also love milk; it’s my favorite drink and I have at least 3 glasses a day.
Alyssa Atteberry
What’s your background?
I just graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. I majored in Accounting & Management, which I realize are not directly related to event planning. But, I was involved in an organization on campus where I learned about all aspects of event planning and absolutely fell in love! Weddings are such special days and I love being a part of the process of making the day special.
Are you a TV watcher?
When One Tree Hill is on I am watching, which is not to be confused with The O.C. And, my loyalty is directly related to Chad Michael Murray and James Laferty, of course.
When Chad and James are busy, what do you entertain yourself with?
I absolutely love scrapbooking, though it usually takes me about an hour to put together a page. I have to design the page down to the last element before attaching and writing. I love that it allows me to portray what I felt and experienced in the moments captured by the photographs. Of course I have my own memories, but the books help me record the details that might get fuzzy over time.
I also love to read and love getting recommendations from friends and strangers alike. Most recently, it’s been Redeeming Love and Captivating on my bedside table. I also love to read Nicholas Sparks books. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a great love story!
How do you balance all that gushy stuff?
I’m a true daddy’s girl at heart, I learned all about football and have been watching it with my dad since I was little. He took me to my first game when I was in Kindergarten and I loved the excitement and adrenaline that took over at every game on the field and in the stands! Hook ‘em horns!
Shooting hoops is what I do to relax and clear my head. Having to slow down, breathe and concentrate is great when my mind is running.
So what movie is it we always hear you quoting?
Um, that would be John Tucker Must Die. “I wish it could just be simple, like a retro pop song, “I want you to want me.” Boom. End of story. We all live happily ever after. But it is never really like that, is it?” So many great lines like that that just cut to the chase!
Best funny memory?
I’m a clumsy girl, I’ll admit it. My favorite “clumsy” moment would have to be the time I fell at the movie theater. You see, the Beltonian had 2 sections: a top section and a bottom section. My friends and I were sitting on the first row of the top section watching “Marley & Me” one day. The theater was full of UMHB students. I had to go to the restroom during the movie, so I got up and tried to step down (thinking it was a small step) to get to the bottom section. Well the step was a lot bigger than I thought, so I tripped and fell. The whole top section saw and laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself too. Did I mention it was during one of the saddest parts of the movie? Yes, the whole bottom half was almost in tears, while the top half was laughing at my mishap. It was quite humorous and a moment that will not soon be forgotten.
What lights your fire?
Music seems to be a way into my soul. There always seems to be a song with the right lyrics that reflects my mood for the moment.
My desire for success drives me. I want to be successful & make my family proud. My parents have high expectations for me, and I want to exceed them.
Planning an event and seeing it come to fruition is why I love event planning. The happiness seen by those experiencing the event is an unexplainable feeling that I truly enjoy.
Thanks, ladies! I’m so excited to have you on board!
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