Thursday, May 27, 2010

Say Cheese!

Remember that crazy group of friends from high school that you kept in touch with? What about your old college roommates? Wouldn't you love to have pictures of them from your wedding day? With your wedding festivities keeping you naturally busy, getting those pictures yourself or asking your photographer to get them without compromising their ability to get all the fabulous pictures you want of you and your new husband is a next to impossible feat! Here are a few ideas to help you get pictures of all your guests and keep you present in the festivities.
1) Digital card-reading station. Having a digital photo card-reading station is a great way to grab your guest's candid pictures from the wedding weekend. All you have to do is instruct guests to take their photo cards to the station at the end of the night. The photos will then be uploaded to the station with a few clicks of a button and you and your spouse can then print off copies of the pictures. Pictures that you may not have known were taken. This idea is fun and guaranteed to produce some, well... interesting and memorable pictures for you and your spouse to remember that special day.

2) Photobooth. Remember going to the mall and sitting in those little photobooths with your friends? Remember cramming into that small space and taking silly pictures that still make you laugh today? Me too. That's why this idea is so fun. Your friends can take silly pictures for both you and them to remember. Most photobooths print 2 copies of all pictures. You could keep one of the strips for your scrapbook or wedding album, and the guests could keep the other for their memories. This idea is both fun and unique. Imagine what kinds of crazy faces you will see. Oh man... I'm laughing just thinking about it. So grab your volleyball teammates and take silly pictures that you can all laugh at for years to come. Live in Dallas, Austin, or Central Texas? Check out Smilebooth, boothBooth, or Booth66!
LoneStar Photo Booth caters to all Texas cities!
3) Custom Made Guest Photo Area. It's your day, get creative! What sparks your story as a couple? Are you hikers & bikers, do you spend lots of time on the water, or do you have a favorite movie as a couple? Take that inspiration and create a custom photo wall or backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of that tie into the personality of your relationship. One of the most unique ones I came across had guests put there heads in faux picture frames that were cut out and attached to a wall full of the couple's family pictures! This is great for childhood friends, work buddies, and even you & your better half!
So don't fret about getting pictures of your college roommates or his lacrosse team. These ideas are great ways to get those groups together to make unforgettable memories. ...and take a few pictures too.

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