Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love, Milk and Honey

First off, you should know that I am terrified to post this.  Wonder why my blog has been so quiet lately?  It is not because I have nothing to say - It is because I have all too much to say and I am scared.  But a kind friend reminded me to take the leap that I was destined to and open another window into my life for all of you.

This Sunday (Valentine's Day) my new blogsite and heart centered business, Love, Milk & Honey, will go live.  The journey of emotions that is washing over me as I make a dream come true is absolutely overwhelming in all the right ways.  I am finally taking ownership of what my purpose, passion, and love is and sharing it with all of you. (didn't even make it through a paragraph without tears...sheesh)

After 4 years in the wedding Industry, I have realized why it is that I have not felt completely fulfilled with my job.  While I am helping couples plan their big day, I can't help but wonder if they are planning for what comes after that day: a marriage.  I cannot, with a clear conscious, send you down the aisle without wanting you to flourish in your marriage.  While whom you love may not be seen as a choice (since feelings are funny that way) I am a firm believer that marriage is.  A choice you make daily.  To hold true to your vows and love your spouse to the best of your abilities.  Always. But what happens when you hit snags in your communication? Or how on earth do you make his la-z-boy fit into your shabby chic decor ideas?  What about getting or staying fit, grocery shopping for two, and managing a budget? you must be kidding, right?  At Love, Milk and Honey we will focus on all of those subjects. Plus so many others that weigh on us, lift us up, inspire us and challenge us. We will chat about them, work through them, and surround each other in a community like setting to lift each other up through each step.  You can make a choice to love each other for life but if you do not take steps to equip yourself to handle the struggles of life, you aren't setting yourself up to experience the fullest and most holistic marriage possible. 

I will not be the only voice you will hear on the blogsite.  My amazingawesomerockinghandsomehunkysuperdeduper husband, James, will be a vital part of it all on a regular basis.  We will also have some wonderful contributors that have the same heart for each of you and insurmountable knowledge in their areas of expertise that have graciously agreed to share at Love, Milk & Honey.

I can't wait to share more with you about it.  I encourage you to hop on over Sunday to between your Valentine's Day festivities for some excitement and the first round of what I know will be influential posts. 

Thank you all for listening and for allowing me to live out my passion.  Please join me.  It is sure to be a wonderful journey.

Love to each and every one of you,


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