Friday, January 8, 2010

A Week in Review

I guarantee I am one of the happiest people on Earth to see this week come to a close.  I have, without a doubt, had the hardest week of my life.  This week has brought me more tears, frustration, vulnerability, humbleness, agony, fear and failure than I have ever experienced.

Without going into too many of the gory details, here is my perspective.  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

If I were trying to conquer all of this on my own, I wouldn't stand a chance.  My strength, my hope, my endurance, my peace comes from Him.  And the fact that he deemed me strong enough (with his help) to conquer all the bad things that came my way this week is a huge compliment.  Wait... did I just say compliment?  Yes.  I did.  A compliment.  If I were weak, if I were destined to be mundane and unoriginal, I would not be worth wasting a perfectly bad week on.  While I know that I have brought this all on myself, God has proven his ever present faithfulness to me throughout it all.  And that, is a compliment.

Does that make it easy? No.  Does that make me not be anxious and throw up every hour? No.  But it does make me realize This too shall pass.  I am taking part in a series of obstacles that will grow me, tune me, refine me and better me.  And that is enough to make me believe that the sun will shine a little brighter tomorrow.

My good friend, Emily Ley gave me a scripture to feast on this week that I want to share with you. It says:

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

I encourage you as we bring this week to a close to find your strength and celebrate in it.  We can conquer mountains when we put our minds to it and team up with the right mates. 



Lara said...

I am so on team Lauren! GO TEAM! Your words, your life, your actions, your encouragement to everyone around you is priceless. Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with so many. I heart you and your cowboy boots. Oh and one last thing... pineapple! xo

Amy Rae Photography said...

GIve it up to God. That is the only way I can have peace is to have faith! Faith in God who gives me my strength in whom I can do all things! You wouldn't have this passion if God didn't want you to do anything with it!

cloverstl said...

Love that quote from Romans. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings for you! Thanks for your words on my blog, they were exactly what I needed to hear.


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