Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Sunday,

You have not been very nice to me.  What with your massive piles of laundry, 

 petty fights with the husband 

and bad hair day.

 I'm beginning to feel a little irritated.
Consider this your fair warning.  I am brewing a cup of coffee and when I get back you better have straightened your self right up.

And tell your friend, Monday, that I mean business.


P.S. If you want to get on my good side, I could use a new pair of pumps.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a Difference

I am continually exhilarated by possibilities.  Life, and everything about it, just gives me goosebumps.  The fact that we are given the opportunity to make a difference each day we are gifted on this Earth captures me.
 purpose:: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

 When I attended the Making Things Happen Intensive in Watercolor, FL this past December I was asked to write down my life purpose.  I was told to make it a phrase that encouraged action and be prepared to share it with the group.  As I sat in a room full of inspirational professionals, I knew none of the words I would hear out of their mouths would encompass stagnant behavior.  That simply would not be tolerated.
So I thought. 
What excited me?  What made my heart race and my mind flow?  What made me smile my biggest smile and cry my hardest tears? 
Encouragement:: from others, to others, for others. to lift up, to praise, to be joyful for...others.

To Encourage.

 That is my purpose.  And knowing it has made ALL the difference. 
A whole world of opportunity was presented to me that day in Florida.  One that I knew existed but didn't know my place in.  One that I now get to experience on a daily basis.  A world that has stretched me, challenged me and provided me with endless opportunities to live out my purpose with and for people I love.  Some of whom I have never met in person.
It's amazing what a difference it makes to put down the worries, fears and the insecurities we hide behind. stop. and listen.

to your heart.

to your head.

to your soul.

awaken your purpose
and LIVE it.

what a difference YOU can make.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Week in Review

I guarantee I am one of the happiest people on Earth to see this week come to a close.  I have, without a doubt, had the hardest week of my life.  This week has brought me more tears, frustration, vulnerability, humbleness, agony, fear and failure than I have ever experienced.

Without going into too many of the gory details, here is my perspective.  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

If I were trying to conquer all of this on my own, I wouldn't stand a chance.  My strength, my hope, my endurance, my peace comes from Him.  And the fact that he deemed me strong enough (with his help) to conquer all the bad things that came my way this week is a huge compliment.  Wait... did I just say compliment?  Yes.  I did.  A compliment.  If I were weak, if I were destined to be mundane and unoriginal, I would not be worth wasting a perfectly bad week on.  While I know that I have brought this all on myself, God has proven his ever present faithfulness to me throughout it all.  And that, is a compliment.

Does that make it easy? No.  Does that make me not be anxious and throw up every hour? No.  But it does make me realize This too shall pass.  I am taking part in a series of obstacles that will grow me, tune me, refine me and better me.  And that is enough to make me believe that the sun will shine a little brighter tomorrow.

My good friend, Emily Ley gave me a scripture to feast on this week that I want to share with you. It says:

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

I encourage you as we bring this week to a close to find your strength and celebrate in it.  We can conquer mountains when we put our minds to it and team up with the right mates. 


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who I Am

I am spunky. :: I laugh a lot. :: I love my red hair. :: I have an amazing husband. :: I am driven by passion. :: I have a temper. :: I stand firm in my beliefs. :: I speak my mind. :: I am Southern. :: I am an encourager. :: I love modern design. :: I recharge best when I'm alone. :: I crave change often. :: I love hard. :: I dream BIG.

In my few weeks following the Making Things Happen Intensive, I have made more scary decisions, taken more leaps of faith and trusted more people with my vulnerability than I have in my entire life.  And (after the initial anxiety attack, sweating and vomit) it has felt wonderful.

Sometimes it is okay for things to be about you.  Not in a selfish way - but in a way of constant self evaluation and growth.  I would encourage you to take time every month to evaluate how you dealt with the obstacles that came your way in the past 30 days.  Did you take every opportunity to love life?  Did you invest in others?  Did you operate your day-to-day under the premise of honesty and integrity? If not, tomorrow is a new day and it can all change.  The best way to grow is to learn.  From yourself, from those you aspire to be like, from literature, etc.

I mentioned earlier that I crave change.  That is true, I have never lived in a town longer than 5 years. Ever.  It makes me crazy and I start to feel as though my wings are clipped.  I have passed that 5 year mark this past August.  And it made me realize why I crave change.

The people that have known me for the better part of the 5+ years I have lived here would tell you I have grown as a person, I have chased my dreams, I have pressed my luck and I am pretty cool.  I like that.  I like that people would say that about me.  So, to me, now seems like the perfect time to make my exit.  The challenge that I am facing now is that we are staying.  That I have to become REAL and VULNERABLE with these people.  They love me & deserve to see the bad with the good. 

This has caused me to do an immeasurable amount of self- reflection as of late.  People, that is scary.  I am a realist by nature but I have gotten really good at looking past things so I don't have to analyze or deal with them.

I have noticed, even though I have had some of my hardest days in the last couple weeks, I have been happier, more satisfied with my imperfections, laughed more, smiled more, been able to give more of myself to others, and just really felt at peace a ton more often than I have felt stressed.  The characteristics that I listed at the top of this post are the things that I have found out about myself and embraced.  As crazy as it sounds, getting to know myself has been such a liberating experience. 

Honesty is freedom.  I encourage you to take the leap and dig deep into you.  If you really let go and be vulnerable about everything, you will benefit dramatically.



Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here!

Even though I woke up raring to meet 2010 with a fire this morning, I was hit by a brick wall named allergies.  It has zapped me for most of the day but I am finally starting to feel balanced again (thanks to some wonderful in-laws and a few naps).

I had planned to do a video blog for you today asking for some feedback but I have decided to postpone that until tomorrow due to a red nose that gives rudolph a run for his money, hair that will not be tamed, and allergy medicine that has turned me narcoleptic. 

So until we meet tomorrow, I wish each of you a VERY Happy New Year fill with lots of love, family, friends, laughter, and joy!



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