Monday, December 7, 2009

Words Cannot Express..

How excited and honored I am to have been chosen as a Making Things Happen™Scholarship Recipient.

     I will be attending this intensive in Watercolor, Florida on December 21st.  There, I will have an opportunity to really analyze my business and work through a plan of action for 2010 with the guidance of Lara Casey, editor in chief of Southern Weddings Magazine and owner of Lara Casey Reps, and in the presence of other Wedding Industry colleagues.  I must say, when I heard Lara say my name on her announcement video, (don't worry... I have watched it 8 times and even made my husband watch it to make sure she really said my name) I was immediately engulfed in a world of emotions:  I am so excited it is truly beyond words.  I am incredibly nervous because I know I will be asked some hard questions.  I am honored that Lara read my entry and thought enough of me to encourage me (through this scholarship) to be a part of her intensive. What on earth am I going to wear? But more than anything, I am bursting with anticipation for the opportunity to share my experience with each of you. 

     To be completely honest, my ambition and drive has been running a little low lately.  The ideas and creativity are there but it feels like, at this point, they are trying to get to their destination with a couple of flat tires and an empty gas tank.  I will be taking the time at this intensive to re-fuel and get things back in working order so that I can be of the best service to each of my clients and have a successful 2010.

 Wish me luck on my journey!  I promise to fill you in every step of the way!

Happy Holidays,

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