Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's in a name

Hello Friends,
  Just wanted to fill you in on the first of many changes.  My new Twitter username is theLaurenKelly.  If you are already following me, you will still be following me, you will just see my tweets under a new name.  If you aren't following me -- hop to it.  (I have a neat little sidebar to the right that makes it super simple or click on the link above)
   To clear up any confusion:  I do not feel as though I need a "the" in front of my name because I am special.  I just plan to offer much more than events to you in 2010 and wanted you to be able to associate my name with everything I do.  Plus, some inactive squatter has my name on twitter and until they get up off it we are stuck with the "the."
   Please direct all emails calling me rude, crazy or weird for changing my name to: Lara Casey (this was all her idea).

(yea, i'm not used to it either.)


Emily Ley said...

I love the new name! (and especially the reasons behind the change!!) Good for you! Cant wait to see what 2010 has in store for THE Lauren Kelly! ;)


Lara said...

Haha! Love the new name and you!


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