Friday, December 18, 2009

Question 2

Today, we are going to hit another question so grab your coffee and let's get to it.

Growing up, my parents always told me: You are who you hang around with.  I took that with a grain of salt.  It wasn't until college that I realized how true that statement was.  I had many different living situations throughout my college experience and looking back now, I can tell you exactly how each roommate affected my moods, my behavior, my drive and my overall outlook on life.   So this next question hit home with me:

Who are the people you spend your days with and how do they make you feel?  

I suggest you do this privately as I have done.  But please actually do it and use it as a tool.  It helped me see who I come in contact with on a regular basis that makes me act like a version of myself that I do not want to be. It also helped me to see those that I have been able to rely on time and time again.  But what really shocked me is how much it showed me that I don't fully let many people into my life.  

I am a compartmentalizer, always have been, but I never realized that I compartmentalized my friendships - I have a group of friends that I talk to about work, a group of friends that I talk to about marriage, one I talk to only on a surface level and a shocking two that I actually talk to about it all - (one of those being my husband).  No wonder I feel zapped so often -- it's not because I let others feed off of my energy it is because I am selfish with it, don't share it, and let it overwhelm me. 

It is time I sought counsel.  I wouldn't dare make a big business move or chop my hair off without speaking to people I trust to tell me the truth - so why do I go through the daily things without it? 

We need counsel, we need people to go through the journey with us -- the good and the bad.

Hmm.. something to think about on a Friday.


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Melissa said...

I love this post! Refreshing, honest, and so true! I am very similar in the fact that I have different friends for different parts of my life. I have moved multiple times through out my life like your self. Maybe we don't let ourselves be truly vulnerable and open in an effort to protect ourselves. Just a thought. I love your blog and wish you the best this year in your ventures!


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