Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Question 1

First part of "feeling your fear" is recognizing it, calling it out for what it is.  And that is exactly what I challenge myself (and you) to do today.

The formula is simple:  I am afraid of _______ because _______. And I plan to do __________ to overcome it.

Here are a few of mine:

I am afraid my ideas will be ridiculed and I will be laughed at because I am young.  I plan to approach my colleagues with confidence, present my ideas proudly, and make sure I have thought through all the facets so I am as prepared as possible for questions and challenges.  My age has nothing to do with how creative my ideas are. 

I am afraid I will be limited in the small town that I live in because people's expectations of service and price point have been determined by hobbyist planners up until this point.  I need to realize that the only thing that can "limit" me is myself.  I can expand my territory beyond the current confines and it is up to me to re-educate the people in the area.

I am afraid that my lack of money management skills is going to get the best of me, I plan to get over my fear of talking about money and enlist the help of someone trustworthy and knowledgeable, realizing I cannot do it all on my own -- it is okay to admit that I am not as strong in a certain area.

I am afraid that my competitive nature will make me more interested in outdoing others rather than offering comradery.  I plan to take the first steps in building relationships with others in my area that enjoy the same career as I do, and know that the responsibility is solely my own to keep this relationship positive and consistent.

and the biggie....

I am afraid that my friendship with my clients and creativity will be taken advantage of again, as it was this year.  I will take complete fault for not standing up for myself sooner, being a businesswoman before I was a friend, and communicating, explicitly, my role.  I plan to be more upfront with each client about my job and their expectations and always hold to my contract.  I charge what I am worth.

No better time than the present, ladies.  Don't be crippled by your fear.  Dig it out. Work through it. And come out a better person.


Amy Rae Photography said...

Lauren!! It was sssoo good to hear your thoughts! I share most of your same fears! I just moved to a really small town from a metropolitan city and was basically told my prices are too high for this town...well I am worth it, and I hope that I can make people feel like I am so I don't have to off a discount just to get started! I feel all your frustrations and we have many things to work out for 2010! Excited to see you next week!

Sarah said...

I'm very impressed and proud of you. I know how hard this is for you. Well done.


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