Monday, December 28, 2009


Today my mind is spinning and reeling with a fantastic view of what reality can become.  I am still fired up from the Making Things Happen Intensive that I was blessed to attend a week ago today.  Below is what I wrote on my plane ride home:

What an experience.  I am sitting on the plane ride back from Making Things Happen 2010 and am blown away to say the very least.

The capability of the incredible wedding professionals at the conference absolutely rocked my world.  It was life changing.  There is something so meaningful about transparency.  The good, the bad, and the ugly are able to come out -- you are honest about it all -- and grow just from the challenge of embracing what you put out there.  It is inspiring, truly. 

I am walking away with an unbelievable grasp on where my place is in the wedding world now and where it can be six months from now and even where it will be a year from now.  And guys, I am excited.

I am driven, I am absolutely fired up (although not quite as fired up as Jeff Holt, who actually caught on fire), and I am beyond ready to Make Things Happen.

This feeling still overwhelms me today.  I twittered earlier: "I'm embracing that big things WILL happen. No if's allowed today. It's high time to show negativity and doubt the door."  This statement sums it all up -- this is how I am approaching 2010.  I choose.  I choose that things will come to fruition.  I choose what things to give emphasis to in my life and in my business.  I choose to not let others get the best of me.  And I choose to be more than great. 

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith" Margaret Shepherd


Jeremy said...

"I choose to not let others get the best of me. And I choose to be more than great." Love that Lauren! I'm excited for what you are going to Make Happen in 2010!

Petals Event Planning LLC said...

Hi Lauren, I found your blog because I also follow Lara Caseys Blogs and twitters (in love with her btw) and just wanted to let you know how EXCITED I am for you! Get it girl!!


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