Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Time! :: Obsessions, Thoughts & Giggles

Obsessions: I am beyond mildly obsessed with the Pampered Chef "Festive Holiday Desserts" Cookbook we got as a wedding present.  I mean how can you go wrong with recipes that tell you how to make things such as:
Creamy Eggnog Parfaits

Frosty Snowman Cake
Marshmallow Treat Ornaments, and

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.

It also gives you tips and tricks along the way so that your dessert looks exactly like the ones in the pictures.  I definitely suggest it for those of you that have a sweet tooth and like to do some holiday cooking!  Contact my favorite Pampered Chef Consultant by clicking here and check out all the other goodies she has here (Pampered Chef offers Wedding Registries too!! don't miss out on the fun).

Thoughts: We get to spend the Christmas holidays with my side of the family this year.  As a newlywed, I wasn't sure how working out the holidays would be but it has shaped up to be fairly easy to make the decision and have both sides of the family be on board with it.  I love Christmas with my family!  All the ladies spend the days leading up to Christmas in the kitchen cooking some amazing homemade goodies that we have had in the family for years (fudge, divinity, sitting on a ritz, tortilla rolls, etc.).  Christmas day is spent around the fire opening presents, just enjoying each others company, and scarfing down a huge Christmas lunch.  The guys usually find a football game to watch (read: turn on and fall asleep to in the lay-z-boys) and us girls make our way back to my grandmother's sewing room to take a look at all the goodies she has been working on or head out to hit the after Christmas sales!

Giggles:  One Christmas a few years ago my baby sister ( I guess I shouldn't call her a baby anymore, she is turning 15, 5 days after Christmas) wanted to try out a recipe that required us to make chocolate bowls.  We had a genius idea that we would just blow up some balloons and dip them in the melted chocolate, set them on wax paper, and let them cool and voila! bowls.  Things were going very well, the balloons were working perfectly until all of a sudden, POP! and then another POP! and before we knew it, the entire kitchen was covered in chocolate, popped balloons, and mountains of laughter.  We still find chocolate in granny's kitchen every time we are there!

A side note: As some of you may know, I am seriously allergic to cinnamon -- mostly the scent and fake flavoring (think candles and red hots) -- but it will get me in almost any form it comes in so walking into stores at Christmas time is always a gamble.  I tend to end the season with a half empty bottle of Benadryl and some "plumped" lips.  So if you happen to see me out and about and I look a bit fuller-than-normal in the lip department just give me a hug anyway.

Share your Christmas Obsessions, Thoughts and Giggles!

I was not compensated by anyone for any of the endorsements given in this post.  They are all simply my opinion that I chose to share.
All photos are from the Pampered Chef "Festive Holiday Desserts" Cookbook and were taken by me. 

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