Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Wedding: Stacy & Adam

Meet Stacy & Adam

and Coco too!

Although Stacy is originally from Waco, she met Adam up in the New England state of Rhode Island. Adam spotted her on her first day at her new job and was determined to make this Texas girl his!  The wedding included nods to Stacy's Texas upbringing (notice the beautiful star Adam had designed into her ring) as well as to their new home in New England (hello lanterns & beautiful blue).

They were married in May at the gorgeous Earle Harrison House here in Waco.

Their colors were Royal Blue, platinum, and white. The talented Esther Allen made their cakes.

 And Rebecca Cash, owner of Captivating Photography, did a fantastic job on their photography.

Congratulations Stacy & Adam!! Wishing you Texas sized love!


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