Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo Shoot - Couple needed

We are in need of a married/engaged/dating couple for a photo/video shoot we have this coming Monday (engagement picture type).  Your hair and makeup will be done by professionals and you will be wearing some GREAT clothing.  You must be comfortable in a swimsuit.

You will receive a copy of all the images and a large print.

email me ASAP if you are interested!

P.S. want to see our premier photo/video shoot? check it out here
and our inspiration for the style of this shoot? check it out here

Friday, September 11, 2009

What Gets Me.

Growing up as a mildly ocd child, I rarely stopped to notice the little things that surrounded me.  I was driven by the bigger picture, the task that needed to be completed and how to handle the array of emotions that were being experienced by both my self and those that surrounded me. 

My mother is completely opposite - on road trips she always made my dad pull over the car so she could take a picture of the beautiful sunset or to see a historic landmark.  She smells the roses, she appreciates clouds and the funny faces that God paints in them and she feels deeper than any other person I know. 

That gets me.  It gets me that I don't get it. That I mentally don't know how to stop for a moment and just appreciate things.  My life is full of tasks to complete, places to be, meetings to hold and people to impress.  The statement "Live life to it's fullest" is so incredibly hard for me to grasp.  My life is full - but not of living. 

So I'm taking snapshots.  Mental snapshots.  It is the only way my memory works.  I have to physically take a look around, notice my surroundings, take a deep breath - take in the smells, tell my skin to feel the air, clear my mind of to do lists and just be present in that moment.  Then I close my eyes and let it imprint itself in my mind.  Then, in that moment, I get it. I get that life, true life, is such a beautiful blessing - fragile, vibrant, captivating and breathtaking.

I have a snapshot of my wedding.  I'm standing under the gazebo, Mr. V is holding my hands, I'm looking out in the crowd and am truly humbled by the amount of people that love us enough to be there (in the heat no less), my beautiful little sister is standing next to me (tears rolling down her face), my father is performing the ceremony and my mom is on the front row keeping her role as my biggest fan.  It was hot - beyond hot - but it smelled like flowers and the grass was so green and the boy that caught my eye 8 years ago was looking at me in a way that makes me feel like the most treasured girl on the planet.  It was a day that meant the world to me.  That is life if you let it be.  At that moment I wasn't a young professional, I wasn't someone's wedding planner.  I was a woman that was pledging to love an incredible man.  It got me.

It's time to stop and take a moment.  Think about all the times you missed because you were just too busy.  If you are like me, you get irritated when a kink is thrown in your plans but today, I urge you to pause.  Don't even let your plans take a back seat, show them the door - I promise it is ok.  Take a look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.  This was all made for us, after all.  So don't snub it away today - laugh a little longer, hug a little tighter, breathe a little deeper and love with abandon.


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