Friday, July 31, 2009

A little preview...

Here is a little preview of the new splash page of my website.... what do you think??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Gatsby ~ Becoming a Bride

How I was going to look on the big day wasn't ever something I put TONS of thought into. I knew it would come naturally when it was supposed to. I had no doubt the perfect dress would find it's way to me or me to it and sure enough, I was just that lucky.

I had gone a few places to try on gowns such as...

this one:

And this one: (which was definitely a contender)

But, in the end, I chose a beautiful dress from the talented Anne Barge's La Fleur collection. And it was absolutely perfect.

My veil was one of my absolute favorite things about my look. It came from the same bridal boutique where I bought my dress (which I will rave about here shortly). It is make of Russian Netting and was the perfect "glam" flare for my dress!

The Bridal Boutique I visited and bought my dress and veil from really made the process so very enjoyable for me. It was Bridal Portfolio in Southlake, Texas ((817) 912-0912). I was the only bride in the salon while I was trying on dresses and they did a wonderful job of not talking me into anything. They were there to offer expert advice but they let my entourage (mom, granny, aunt grace, and lizzie - my amazing little sister) do the majority of the discussing.

After I was greeted when we walked in the door, they escorted me into the main salon area and walked me around to various wooden cases that held some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. I pointed, they pulled and the gorgeous gowns came flowing from the case and put back in the dressing room for me to try. I think I felt every single one they pulled out - I have this thing about fabric...pretty fabric. But it was the second dress in the first case that caught my attention. It was casual enough to be worn outdoors in the hot july heat but it had so many details that I just loved. The ruffle at the top, the pleating and the mermaid style just made it so different than anything else I had tried on but the perfect gown for me to base all of our other special wedding details off of. I tried it on first and after trying on 10 - 15 others, there was no question in anyone's mind that it was the one.

Here is where I got lucky, the dress was the perfect size - it fit like a glove...a very very pretty ivory colored glove. And, you know what? they sold that very dress to me - and since it was a sample, they sold it to me for 20% off. Are you serious?!? NO WAY!! Oh, yes way, I walked out of the door that August day with my dress. And not once did I ever doubt that it was the one for me.


P.S. All photos courtesy of Abigail Criner Photography, my AMAZING wedding photographer

Garden Gatsby ~ Our Wedding!

Oh yes, the time has come! I am officially beginning my wedding recaps. While I am waiting for more of my pro photos to come in, I will start off with some of my pre-wedding DIY projects, our engagement pictures and my bridals! I must mention before I get started that all of these pictures, unless otherwise noted, are from my wonderful photographer, Abigail Criner ( . Please do not take them off of this blog without permission, they are very special to the both of us.

MRS. V :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

So... here we are

5 days out from the wedding and I just cannot believe it! James and I have had such a journey to get to this point but looking back at it all now, I wouldn't change a single thing. To me, our love story is perfect, meant just for us. And I know it will continue to be just that after we say "I do." I am looking forward to share all of our fun wedding details with you (that I have been keeping under lock and key) after our guests are able to enjoy them and we get back from our wonderful honeymoon. So thank you all for your love and support and, to many of you, see you Saturday!!


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