Monday, January 26, 2009


Challenges are a funny thing to me... I try to be the good minister's daughter and accept them with joy and let people know that I have a "peace" about hard circumstances. But, here is the truth. I'm mad. Raging mad.

Those of you that know me know that I work EXTREMELY hard. Sometimes forsaking friends, fiances, family and myself just to get the job done on a level of excellence beyond comprehension. It's a perfectionist thing. Some say I am really good at prioritizing. I think I'm terrible at it and here is why: If you are work, you come first. If I see a career move, I take it... whether I have time or not. I go for weeks without calling friends, years without reading books (which I truly love to do) and days without stopping to smell the roses and really appreciate the great things I have in life.

Today was a wake up call. The failing economy hit me today. But more than that, the failures of people that I put a lot of effort into and work really hard for came to light as a world of deceit that has apparently been in the works for 6 months.

How I am choosing to deal. 1. Playing Kelly Clarkson (my favorite hateful girl music) 2. Keeping my hard work for me...remembering that I am also my own marketing director and what have I done for MY company lately. 3. Channeling my anger into what promises to be one helluva conversation this evening. (those of you that know me appreciate the bite in the words I can deliver). Do I intend to be rude or catty or immature: NO. Do I intend to relay in a well spoken and firm manner my disappointment and frustration: YES.

It is all about the choices you make when a challenge arises. Do you cower and let it eat you alive or do you look it square in the eyes and quit literally tell it to bring it's best because yours is better? Today, and everyday, I strive to choose option B.

Choose it with me today.

And for those of you that need to rant, here is the chance... comments are open.

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Cassidy and Adam said...

I'll rant with you! I'm mad that in the first five months of this year, I will get to see my husband a whopping 5 weeks! I'm mad that one of the weeks that we ARE actually in the same city, our job has him working 100 hours a week. And I'm mad that the economy is in such shambles that we can't leave and get new jobs! I am grateful for what I do have, and like you, I try to look on the positive. But sometimes things just flat out stink!! Love you, Lo! Hope things start looking up!


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