Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding Website

After months of researching all the possible sites to get our website out of I chose one. I put all of our information on it, showed it to my family, and changed the template daily. But, I hated it... nothing about it was "us" we just don't fit into templates I guess. :)

So, I went to godaddy.com and purchased our domain name. They then give you a free hosting account (you have to keep their godaddy ad at the top of your site...but it is a small sacrifice to me.) I then got on my trusty Mac and went to town on a creation of our own. And, you know what, I love it. No... I beyond love it.

If you have a free weekend and have some time to create something all your own (with the help of something wonderful like iweb) then I definitely suggest it.

Here's to not fitting a template!

James Loves Lauren

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