Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh!! Yes, Please.

Let's just paint a picture: You have ventured to the local carnival for a night of re-capturing your inner child. The rides have been great, you have eaten more hot dogs and funnel cakes than you can count and the night still isn't over. You walk by one booth with a guy in red and white stripes handing out some of the most delicious smelling goodies EVER... what is it? Popcorn. No carnival, movie, or wedding?!? is the same without it.

Did you get the picture?? Well here, let me help you...
image from: mrs. flamingo. Apothecary Jars from: English Creek Gardens, Ikea

We have all heard about the amazing-ness that is a candy buffet or dessert bars but I am loving this twist.... popcorn!! how fun!!

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