Tuesday, October 7, 2008

maybe next year...

OK, there is this INCREDIBLE wedding business symposium that i would really love to attend. It is called engage!08 and it was so wonderful the first go round, in June, that is sold old and they are offering a second conference for next week.

They boast having key speakers such as Sylvia Weinstock, Bee Kim from Weddingbee(squeak!), and Rebecca Grinnals and many, many more fantastic assets to the event industry. I like the idea of this symposium because it is brand new, they place emphasis on the real-life things that we all deal with (struggling economy) and it combines some of the most brilliant and inspiring minds.

If you are in the event industry or thinking about becoming a part of it, go check it out...maybe we could go together next year. Unfortunately it just wasn't in the (debit) cards this year.... here's to hoping for next year.

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