Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Join Me, Won't you?!?

Alright ladies, its truth circle time so everyone grab your carpet square and gather 'round...I've got a little something to share.

aahhh hem... (that was me clearing my throat)

My pants don't fit. We are talking an almost- muffin- top- because- I- refuse- to- buy- a- bigger- size ordeal here. I realize that it is from the cokes I nurse on a daily basis along with the stress of planning 12 weddings on top of mine, not to mention starting a new branch of my company and the fact that I hate going to the grocery store (hence Whataburger becomes gourmet)... but my dear bride/friend Tonya has ever so kindly agreed to kick her body into glamorizing mode with me because she, too would like to look faboo in her wedding gown (she is getting married next June, just a few weeks before me).

Tonya has revealed to me Michael Thurmond's book, "12 day Body Shaping Miracle" (pictured above) and I must say, I am halfway into the book and I am hooked and a firm believer. I almost had pro-thurmond buttons made today but I decided that might be taking it a little too far so, I just figured I would share it with you.

The first part of the book guides you in taking a quiz to determine your body type - from there you are given a specialized workout and diet plan that suits your body type's needs to guide you every step of the way. If you follow this, it is fool proof. I mean, have you not seen the man on Extreme Makeover (not home edition)?!? He works some miracles so I am hoping that mine comes from somewhere between the covers of this book. I start it all tomorrow so I will keep you posted on the results and my journey along the way.... I must warn you though, the last time I tried to kill my addiction to my beloved Coca Cola I came about 2 steps away from promising my first born for just a drop so this will definitely be a challenge for me.

So, Tonya and I already have workout dates planned for next week (written in the calendar AND in the ical so there is no escaping it) and I have a grocery list that I plan on tackling in the morning so, wish me luck! If you want to join us in our journey, let me know -- I would love to email banter with you and encourage you in your booty kicking!

Stay tuned for my updates. And everyone say thanks to Tonya for her ever so generous offer to let me borrow her miracle book and being my workout buddy!

What is your pre-wedding workout regime???


Ray said...

Whataburger = awesome!

Paige said...

Lauren, I just found your blog and love it! So glad I can keep up with you this way too! :)


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