Sunday, October 19, 2008

I didn't forget...

I have just been busy (bad excuse for not blogging, I realize) but I have some really great ideas and lots of pictures to share this week so get ready!!

Mr. V and I headed up to the panhandle to our hometown for a bit of relaxation friday before last and were able to stay until this past Tuesday... it. was. WONDERFUL. Cool weather, old friends, purple passions (the single most amazing non-alcoholic beverage you could ever consume), hometown football games, and familiarity. Literally, I just took a deep breath and dropped my blood pressure by mentally taking myself back there -- home.

I love that Mr. V and I have "home" in common. And one of my favorite quotes of his from this trip (besides the time that he used pinnacle correctly in a sentence and was super proud of himself only to reveal that he knew that word because it was his favorite brand of golf ball) was when he looked me in the eye and said, "I love taking you home." short. simple. and enough to make my heart jump in my chest. Even though my parents have long since moved away from our humble little town in the Texas panhandle, it will forever remain "home." I think it has to do with the memories I made there--- or maybe the self that I found -- or maybe the man that I fell in love with a bit more each day. We have quite a love story, maybe I will share it on the next rainy day. Regardless, that is where I have been - home - . And even though we have been back since Tuesday and I have put in countless hours of work since then I guess I just haven't completely made it back here yet.

I am going to leave you with a picture of us from the hometown heroes football game that we made it in time for!! There is nothing like rooting for the home team! Especially when they win!

*here's to hoping you have that special place you call home*

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