Friday, October 31, 2008

It's NOT what you think it is....

I'm not giving anything away about this -- you simply have to go check it out yourself....

It's NOT a wedding

Roadtrip to Atlanta anyone??

Tricks are better than Treats!!

I'm not entirely sure I can stop laughing long enough to write this post!


Oh dear, hmmmm


In the spirit of Halloween goodness and because my mind rarely goes anywhere that doesn't involve a wedding in some way - here is a funny little trick from a groom on his wedding day.

tee hee

Happy Halloween, Friends! :)

P.S. I got this from a post by Miss Deviled Egg on Weddingbee -- go check out the other funny little diddies she posted today :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spotlight Wedding: Lindsey & Matt

First things first, take a look at this adorable couple!!

They were married June 20th of this past summer at the gorgeous St. Paul's Episcopal Church here in Waco, TX. This Church has a wonderful history - they still meet in the original building that was constructed in 1879!! The historic chapel created a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony -- not much decorating was necessary - the stained glass and original ornamentation was perfect for this couple. Classic beauty!The grounds also provided a wonderful place for some swanky pictures taken by none other than Sarah Hess with Fleeting Moments Studio!
I know... you are dying over the doors!!

So after the sentimental ceremony we headed over to the Earle- Harrison House and Nell Pape Gardens for a GREAT reception underneath the tent. But not without catching some incredible pictures of the sun setting behind the landmark plantation home.

Anyway... back to the party... It truly was just that, a party! An outdoor reception in the middle of June can be a challenge in the Texas heat but a cool front rolled in a day before the wedding and the guests were ready to take advantage of the cool breeze and romantic atmosphere.
Lindsey wanted to keep a very serene color palette and so we kept to ivories, golds and white. I think it all came together so well.

And at the end of the night they were sent off with tons of friends and lots of sparkle! :)

Special thanks to Lindsey & Matt for letting me feature them on my blog!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I didn't forget...

I have just been busy (bad excuse for not blogging, I realize) but I have some really great ideas and lots of pictures to share this week so get ready!!

Mr. V and I headed up to the panhandle to our hometown for a bit of relaxation friday before last and were able to stay until this past Tuesday... it. was. WONDERFUL. Cool weather, old friends, purple passions (the single most amazing non-alcoholic beverage you could ever consume), hometown football games, and familiarity. Literally, I just took a deep breath and dropped my blood pressure by mentally taking myself back there -- home.

I love that Mr. V and I have "home" in common. And one of my favorite quotes of his from this trip (besides the time that he used pinnacle correctly in a sentence and was super proud of himself only to reveal that he knew that word because it was his favorite brand of golf ball) was when he looked me in the eye and said, "I love taking you home." short. simple. and enough to make my heart jump in my chest. Even though my parents have long since moved away from our humble little town in the Texas panhandle, it will forever remain "home." I think it has to do with the memories I made there--- or maybe the self that I found -- or maybe the man that I fell in love with a bit more each day. We have quite a love story, maybe I will share it on the next rainy day. Regardless, that is where I have been - home - . And even though we have been back since Tuesday and I have put in countless hours of work since then I guess I just haven't completely made it back here yet.

I am going to leave you with a picture of us from the hometown heroes football game that we made it in time for!! There is nothing like rooting for the home team! Especially when they win!

*here's to hoping you have that special place you call home*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I signed up for twitter today... not quite sure how to work it yet but thought i would give it a try... if you are a twitterer and want me to follow you or want to follow me let me know! I would love to!! my screen name is lkevents so look for my twitter updates!

maybe next year...

OK, there is this INCREDIBLE wedding business symposium that i would really love to attend. It is called engage!08 and it was so wonderful the first go round, in June, that is sold old and they are offering a second conference for next week.

They boast having key speakers such as Sylvia Weinstock, Bee Kim from Weddingbee(squeak!), and Rebecca Grinnals and many, many more fantastic assets to the event industry. I like the idea of this symposium because it is brand new, they place emphasis on the real-life things that we all deal with (struggling economy) and it combines some of the most brilliant and inspiring minds.

If you are in the event industry or thinking about becoming a part of it, go check it out...maybe we could go together next year. Unfortunately it just wasn't in the (debit) cards this year.... here's to hoping for next year.

Oh!! Yes, Please.

Let's just paint a picture: You have ventured to the local carnival for a night of re-capturing your inner child. The rides have been great, you have eaten more hot dogs and funnel cakes than you can count and the night still isn't over. You walk by one booth with a guy in red and white stripes handing out some of the most delicious smelling goodies EVER... what is it? Popcorn. No carnival, movie, or wedding?!? is the same without it.

Did you get the picture?? Well here, let me help you...
image from: mrs. flamingo. Apothecary Jars from: English Creek Gardens, Ikea

We have all heard about the amazing-ness that is a candy buffet or dessert bars but I am loving this twist.... popcorn!! how fun!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Join Me, Won't you?!?

Alright ladies, its truth circle time so everyone grab your carpet square and gather 'round...I've got a little something to share.

aahhh hem... (that was me clearing my throat)

My pants don't fit. We are talking an almost- muffin- top- because- I- refuse- to- buy- a- bigger- size ordeal here. I realize that it is from the cokes I nurse on a daily basis along with the stress of planning 12 weddings on top of mine, not to mention starting a new branch of my company and the fact that I hate going to the grocery store (hence Whataburger becomes gourmet)... but my dear bride/friend Tonya has ever so kindly agreed to kick her body into glamorizing mode with me because she, too would like to look faboo in her wedding gown (she is getting married next June, just a few weeks before me).

Tonya has revealed to me Michael Thurmond's book, "12 day Body Shaping Miracle" (pictured above) and I must say, I am halfway into the book and I am hooked and a firm believer. I almost had pro-thurmond buttons made today but I decided that might be taking it a little too far so, I just figured I would share it with you.

The first part of the book guides you in taking a quiz to determine your body type - from there you are given a specialized workout and diet plan that suits your body type's needs to guide you every step of the way. If you follow this, it is fool proof. I mean, have you not seen the man on Extreme Makeover (not home edition)?!? He works some miracles so I am hoping that mine comes from somewhere between the covers of this book. I start it all tomorrow so I will keep you posted on the results and my journey along the way.... I must warn you though, the last time I tried to kill my addiction to my beloved Coca Cola I came about 2 steps away from promising my first born for just a drop so this will definitely be a challenge for me.

So, Tonya and I already have workout dates planned for next week (written in the calendar AND in the ical so there is no escaping it) and I have a grocery list that I plan on tackling in the morning so, wish me luck! If you want to join us in our journey, let me know -- I would love to email banter with you and encourage you in your booty kicking!

Stay tuned for my updates. And everyone say thanks to Tonya for her ever so generous offer to let me borrow her miracle book and being my workout buddy!

What is your pre-wedding workout regime???


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