Friday, September 26, 2008

The story makes it magical...

I am all about the stories.... love stories, funny stories, stories of cultures, stories of history, family stories.... I love them all!! So, when I stumbled upon this on the Design*Sponge blog (another one of my favorites) I just couldn't resist sharing it with you.

These ring bearer pillows have a wonderful story behind them and I don't think I could do the story any justice if I didn't just let you read what Grace Bonney over at design*sponge had to say about their talented creator, llubav choy duerr:

"Originally from the small fishing village of chimbote, peru, llubav left peru for a two year sojourn in mexico and then settled in herndon, virginia. After a few years she took the leap and moved to new york where she studied at the fashion institute of technology. Heavily influenced by the vibrant cultures of latin america, llubav brings her love of textiles, surface and interior design to each product she makes, whether its her stitched-felt stationary, handmade fashion accessories, and ornate home adornments. and now llubav is bringing her passion for textiles to the wedding market with her incredible ring pillows. After designing a ring pillow for her friend lucy allen, llubav received a few more orders- and then a few more. and now she’s starting her own company to focus on ring pillows, as well as her existing collection of fashion and home accessories." - Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge

So, if you are looking for a little something different for your wedding with a lot of character then contact Llubav right here.. I am sure you will have something wonderfully unique on your wedding day.

I also urge you to head over to this page of design*sponge and check out their post on the same subject for a bit more information.

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