Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you salivate over pretty dessert tables raise your hand...

- Ms. V's hand thrusts high into the air like an over zealous third grader that TOTALLY knows the answer to Ms. Santen's math problem-

>just me?? yea, ok... by the end of this post you will have your timid little hand raised just you wait! (picture above is from weddingbee.com's spotlight on Amy Atlas)

Alright, a lot of my girls (and by girls I mean clients, brides, whatever.... I call them girls because it makes me feel like we are friends and trust me, these girls want me to be their friends :) ) are having some sort of dessert/ candy/ cupcake bar at their wedding. And guess what... so am I :) Mr. V and I will be serving dessert and only dessert at our reception (more to come on that later). So, of course, I want a cute way to display such sweets so that my guests salivate as much as I do!

That being said, combined with the knowledge I have aquired and my AVID wedding blog reading I present to you...... drum roll please..... eye candy (pun intended)

ok, our first set of yummies comes from the blog Style Me Pretty. Yesterday she featured dessert bars designed by a delectable company named "Oh how Charming" (wishing I would have thought of that for my company name instead of... well... my name). Here are a few of my faves!

edit: I am new to this whole blogging thing so... here is what we are going to do... click HERE
and go to Style Me Pretty's website... scroll down a bit or search for dessert bars and take a looksy. The first set is by Lisa Vorce from Oh How Charming and the second set is by Amy Atlas who gives some wonderful dessert bar advice. Amy was also featured on my most favorite blog, Weddingbee, go check it out HERE. I'm challenged when it comes to posting pictures...
I figured out how to put a few pictures on the blog so check these out. (it only took me 45 minutes....)

* how cute are the little bulletin boards with pre-packaged candy?!? see the details on Amy's website or on wedding bee

* I feel so festive and summery when I look at this table... don't you know the kids would go CRAZY over this one (and by kids I don't just mean aunt sue's obnoxious 2 year old that she somehow popped out YEARS after menopause hit.. i'm talking your wedding party and the like)


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