Monday, September 15, 2008


I give lots of advice... to clients, to friends, to associated professionals & to myself. For some reason the advice I give to everyone else tends to be a lot better than the advice I give to myself. Ever wish that you followed your own advice?? If I did, I would be the most well-rounded, organized, understanding, easy going and selfless woman in the world. And let me tell ya folks, I am far from that. I am a moody, fly off the handle, throw a fit, stress -out and pout kind of girl but I also care more than words can express, love to laugh, constantly think about others needs and dream big. Balancing me is quite a feat.... but, I can't help but think God knew what he was doing when he made me. It has been beyond amazing how all of what I consider as my "character flaws" have played into some really great life experiences that I have used to help others.

As you know, Mr.V is going to be a youth minister.... often times I wonder what God was doing when he challenged me to be a youth minister's wife. I most certainly don't have it all figured out or even half-way figured out. When youth come to me with problems or questions, I am constantly relying on my past experiences and what little knowledge I have of faith to dish out, yet again, advice. I want to be that wonderful addition to Mr. V's ministry, that cool minister's wife that sets a great example. I don't want to be perfect by any means but I do want to be a good example.

Maybe it's ok to know you are flawed. The minute you think you aren't is the minute you stop working towards a better you. I always want to want a better me... day by day... I want to show growth, be challenged and complete tasks.

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